Journeying with the Instinct Allies

The impulses of life arising in your body want you to be balanced, fulfilled, and healthy, in rhythm with yourself and those around you. The more you trust your instincts and let them operate in the way that is particular to you, the more at home in your body you will feel.

Check here for some of the instincts that you may be neglecting in some way and see how they can affect your quest for wholeness.

Communicating. If you won’t talk, you may be keeping secrets from your spouse, friends, doctor, or therapist; you may not be able to unburden your heart and share information vital to your healing. You may not talk to your loved ones and use the time of your hurting to strengthen the bonds between you.

Protecting. If you won’t fight for yourself, you may not take the steps necessary to help yourself heal. You may not be able to mobilize your desire to be well, which is often essential on the quest.

Grooming. If you won’t care for yourself adequately, your health may suffer. If you won’t surrender and let yourself be cared for by others, you may not make time for preventive measures like regular exams.

Resting. If you won’t rest enough, you may carry fatigue and stress from one day to the next to the next. Your entire life may be lived under a cloud of tiredness, which affects everything you do and every relationship. If you have injuries of any kind, physical or emotional, your healing may be inhibited.

Nurturing. If you won’t make the effort to eat right, really pay attention to what you’re eating, then you are hurting your chances for a timely and complete recovery.

Adapted from Whole Body Meditations, by Lorin Roche, Ph.D. (Rodale Press, 2002).


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