Just Say No to “Convenience” Food

I’m here to tell you the inconvenient truth about “convenience” food: It is not very convenient at all.

The definition of convenient is “not troublesome.” But if you ask me, there’s something very troubling about all the packaging, all that extra plastic and cardboard to be disposed of. And there are also some troubling facts about how they are packaged, which means it’s not convenient for our health.

I knew about the packaging problem but I recently read in Gorgeously Green: 8 Simple Steps to an Earth-Friendly Life by Sophie Uliano that a bag of salad is not what it seems. We think that bowl of mixed baby greens is so healthy, but it is not. In order to keep the leaves fresh in those sealed bags, the leaves have to be gassed with some horribly toxic chemicals, Uliano says. Shocked? I was too!

Buying unpackaged and preferably organic lettuce does require a little more work on your part because you do have to run some water over the leaves and get out your salad spinner. But as Uliano puts it, “Oh the difference! The leaves actually crunch, taste of lettuce, and are full of vitamins and minerals–a small price to pay for something utterly delicious.”

Now I know we’re all busy people and sometimes it’s difficult to do the right thing. Sometimes you’re on the road and you need something healthy, and a plastic container of veggies is better than succumbing to fast food. But the next time you’re at the market, think about it before you reach for something pre-packaged. Does the fact that it’s easy outweigh the hard facts about its packaging?


Jeanne Rogers
Jeanne Rogers5 months ago

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Susanna M.
Susanna M.6 years ago

And what about organic veggies in plastic bags? Do you think they are also under toxic gas?

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Kim Stueck
Kim Stueck6 years ago

I love to buy in bulk, cook up big batches of stuff, then portion out and freeze. Save lots of time and money.