Daily Cute: Kitten Cleaning Baby Bunny

This cute kitten gives a baby bunny a bath!

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Siyus Copetallus
Siyus Copetallus6 months ago

Thank you for sharing.

Pat P.
Pat P.9 months ago

I agree with CAROL P., that if you could read the mind of the rabbit, "it would not be happy."

Depending on their species and individual personality, many rabbits are very sensitive and skittish, especially when aggressively groomed by a kitten!

When terrified, they often freeze up and flatten their bodies, instead of running away.

I am not comfortable with the caretaker's idea of a "cute" video. IMO, this rabbit is scared! It's all in the interpretation, I guess.

Jim Ven
Jim Ven9 months ago

thanks for the article.

Patricia Harris
John Taylor9 months ago

The best of friends! :)

Ba H.
Ba H.9 months ago


Mona M.
MonAway M.9 months ago

Inspiring friendship, thank you.

luna starr
luna starr9 months ago

what a sweetheart

Naomi Dreyer
Naomi Dreyer9 months ago

Funny. The rabbit seems to like the licking.

Muff-Anne York-Haley

Too cute:)

Marija Mohoric
Marija Mohoric9 months ago

;)) tks