Kittens Sucking on Bottles (Video)


It’s mealtime for these adorable triplets!

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Sonja M.
Sonja M.2 years ago

This is just entirely too precious! :)

Kayleigh Harter
Kayleigh Harter2 years ago

Bottle feeding kittens is a wonderful experience. Of course it's best if they get the nurturing they need from their mother, but so many kittens are taken away from their moms at an early age that sometimes humans have to step in.

Mary T.
Mary T.2 years ago

so cute, wish I could bottle feed them

Mia Reh
Mia Reh2 years ago

Awwww soooo cute

Camilla Vaga
Camilla Vaga2 years ago

so adorable

JL A.2 years ago


Juliet Defarge
judith sanders2 years ago

The kittens should be on their tummies, NOT on their backs! They aren't human babies, so don't hold them upright when bottle-feeding. Hold them in the position they would naturally be in while nursing from the mother cat. The younger the kitten is, the more danger that it could inhale milk while held upright or on it's back. Sure, they're happy to get the milk any way they can, but this position causes tummy trouble, burping, even vomiting. Look at the instructions that come with the kitten nursing bottle set.

Despina Vekris
Despina Vekris2 years ago


Kerryn A.
Kerryn Ayton2 years ago

So cute! I remember bottle feeding our stray kitten as a child & still recall how warm & happy it made me feel. Thanks for the post :)

Terry V.
Terry V.2 years ago

soooooooooo cute