Kitty Combs Hair (video)

It takes work to look this good.

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Donna B.
Donna B.3 years ago

Oh, how sweet and cute. What a beautiful cat. Thx for posting.

Sarah M.
Sarah M.4 years ago

aww, so cute

Andrea Nemec
Andrea Nemec4 years ago

Cute! :)

Carole D.
Carole D.4 years ago

My cats like to get brushed out. It is healthy for circulation and makes for less hair balls in kitty.

Chelsea M.
Chelsea M.4 years ago

He definitely looks very happy with the scrubs!

Jane H.
Jane H.4 years ago

I think my cat would do that if he could.....he loves to be brushed under his chin, on the top of his head and his cheecks.

Brielle H.
Brielle H.4 years ago

aww lol

Hasan Yildirim
Hasan Yildirim4 years ago

ahaha so cute :)

Patricia G.
Patricia G.4 years ago

Kitty is pleased :)

Michele Wilkinson

Cute kitty.