Kitty vs. Raccoon (video)

“Mom, you’re just going to watch while this raccoon steals my food?”

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Kathy K.
Kathy K.4 years ago

Oh, poor kitty.

Nessie Benjamin
Nessie B.4 years ago

Awww ... poor kitty.

Victoria P.
Victoria P.4 years ago

That was really funny! The raccoon just wanted his munchies, no fight.

Veronique L.
Veronique L.4 years ago

The raccoon is so's amazing! Poor little kitty...

scarlett g.
scarlett g.4 years ago

raccoon out by day, rather unusual!! Also appears raccoon more docile than one might expect.
Guessing this was pretty much "STAGED" ...

Chris C.
Chris C.4 years ago

Cute video...of course, putting the catfood at the edge where the raccoon was sitting is an obvious set up for a good video.

Joan S.
Joan S.4 years ago

Those Coons not afraid of anything.

Jenny Jokinen
Jenny J.4 years ago

That's adorable :D

Christine Stewart

Gorgeous backyard! A little bit mean of the cat's owners to put the food so close to the garden (to attract the raccoon) rather than put the food closer to the house or on a ledge that would be harder for the raccoon to reach...

Dale Overall

Raccoon and cats don't mix. Some will attack a cat over food.
Remember once on a farm when some cats were dining on chicken wet cat food and six hens boldly came up to their food bowls and quickly barged in and ate the cat food right in front of the felines.