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Less Common Pets

Vacuum Any Ducks Lately? Apparently They Love It (Video)

This duck is treating vacuum time like a day at the spa. If this is the most effective way to clean your pet duck, and the duck is all for it -- then we can't argue with this strange bath idea. …


Donkey Mooches Off Snuggle Session for Some Pets (Video)

This donkey wants one thing and one thing only: some consistent petting. Don't be fooled by his innocent snuggling. He has a motive. Related Smallest Horse in the World is Too Small Horses Have…


Micro Pig Absolutely Loves Tummy Rubs (Video)

Who wants to see a micro pig getting tummy rubs? Um, everyone! Watch this little stinker get unlimited pets (and give back unlimited snorts). Related Want to Give Up Bacon? Pet a Pig Baby Goat …


What’s Cuter Than This Duckling? Absolutely Nothing (Video)

This little duckling is very active. Watch him go about his day, turning an ordinary routine into an extraordinary clip of cuteness. Related They Worried This Cat Would Kill Ducklings. Instead, …


Tiny Hamster Enjoys Her Mansion (Video)

Chicken the hamster may just be a human in disguise. Watch her mock routine as she experiences the joys of home ownership -- as a hamster. Related Just a Couple of Guinea Pigs Playing Basketbal…


Why You May Want a Therapy Dog When You’re Sick

A therapy dog is truly a special breed of animal. Unlike service dogs, which are used to help people with a specific disability, therapy dogs are specially trained and credentialed to provide love, su…


Just a Couple of Guinea Pigs Playing Basketball (Video)

Animal Trainer Barbara Heidenreich is clearly a genius. Using treats as rewards, she's taught her guinea pigs to play basketball. Each guinea pig even knows his designated basket, so it's a proper…


Rescued Ducks Play in Water for First Time (Feel Great Video)

After years of living with a hoarder and stuck in pens, these sweet ducks were rescued by the amazing people at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. Surprisingly, it was a bit of a challenge to get th…


Abused Elephant, Raju, Sheds Tears During Rescue

Raju, a 50-year old Indian elephant was finally rescued last week after a lifetime of abuse. During the rescue, when it became clear that the group of 32 people, which included ten veterinarians, were…


Guinea Pig Party Time–Caption Contest Winners!

Last week, we asked you to caption this guinea pig party, from Care2 member Grace R! First, the grand prize winner, who will receive 5,000 Butterfly Rewards for her clever caption: "Party? What…


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