Letting Go of the Limits Holding You Back

As much as many of us have tried to fit in — or rebelled against the pressure to fit in — we’ll never fit in. We’ll never be “normal.” We can’t be. That’s because each of us is magnificently unique. In fact, our utter uniqueness is what makes us so magnificent.

Truth be told: We are all lighthouses. We are all filled with the light of Source, and we radiate it out into the world.

If, right now, our lights aren’t shining brightly enough to be seen from miles around, it’s only because the windows of our lighthouses are coated with “gunk,” and that gunk acts like a filter. It reduces the amount of light that gets through the windows — plus it colors what comes in, too. That gunk dramatically affects the way we see and receive the world around us.

I’ve found that we each have different gunk, so we perceive external reality differently. The degree of difference can be quite surprising. After all, it seems as if we’re all seeing the same thing, so we expect that we’ll all have the same reaction to whatever we’re seeing. But that’s rarely the case! I’m sure we’ve all heard that when police officers take statements from several eyewitnesses to a crime, the witnesses’ statements are always really different. That’s because each of us sees and interprets everything through the filters of our own gunk!

Now, I don’t mean to make this a scary big deal. There’s no need to make ourselves bad or wrong or weak for having gunk. Actually, we’ve been entrained and enculturated to have it — by our parents, by our peers, by our teachers, by religion, by the media.

Our gunk is made up of limiting beliefs we’ve accumulated, including all the reasons we tell ourselves things like, “I could never do that” or “I’m not _____ enough.” …Continue reading at InspireMeToday.com.

Sue Elliott is the founder/Editor-in-Chief of Law of Attraction Magazine and the Three Wishes Coach.

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I like the statement how we will never 'fit in' exactly because we are all unique and perceive the world in a unique way. Thanks.

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Hi, everybody! Thank you for all of the comments! Karnia, there are lots of practical tips and techniques for getting rid of whatever is holding us back on my website, http://www.LovingMyself.com/ You'll find dozens of articles on my blog, as well as free audios. And of course I also offer coaching :)

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