Life Force Diet: What are Silver Foods?

Last week you eliminated or greatly reduced many harmful substances in your diet. That allowed your body to improve its ability to detoxify substances that interfere with or impede natural en­zyme and other bodily processes. It was critical to tackle this step first to eliminate obstacles that may prevent the natural performance of your body’s own enzymes and the countless biochemical processes they are involved in.

During this week of the program we’ll set the stage for optimal health by providing the essential nutrients that ensure the proper functioning of life force enzymes.

Life Force Silver Foods are united by their high density of nutrients ranging from vitamins and minerals to phytonutrients or essential fatty acids.  The Life Force Diet is comprised largely of Life Force Silver Foods (the remainder is Life Force Gold, which I’ll tell you more about in my next column).  Life Force Silver Foods include wild salmon, sweet potatoes, lentils, beans, wild rice, and most vegetables, to name a few. These delicious, health-building foods are packed with nutri­ents and are also loaded with many phytonutrients as well—both of which help prevent and fight disease, while giving you greater energy and vitality.

Let me start by introducing you to a sampling of the Life Force Silver Foods.

Grains and Flour
Amaranth & amaranth flour
Arrowroot flour
Barley & barley flour
Brown rice & brown rice flour
Buckwheat & buckwheat flour
Chickpea flour
Coconut flour
Kamut & kamut flour
Oats & oat flour
Spelt & spelt flour
Sprouted grains
Tapioca flour
Wild rice

Brussels sprouts
Cabbage (purple or green)
Carrots (cooked)
Celery root (celeriac)
Collard greens
Corn (fresh organic corn only)
Green beans
Green peppers
Red peppers
Spices (fresh or non-irradiated, organic, dried spices)
Sweet potato
Yellow or orange peppers

Wild salmon


Black tea
Green tea
Herbal tea (licorice, ginger, chamomile, peppermint, etc.)
Herbal coffee substitutes made from roasted dandelion or chicory

Meat and Eggs (organic only)


As you can see there are many great options to choose from.  Most of your favorite foods can simply be replaced with healthier versions using Life Force Silver Foods.  Choose at least five of your favorite Life Force Silver Foods and two that you don’t normally eat every day.  By doing so you’ll expand the range of important nutrients, including phytonutrients, in your diet which in turn will improve your body’s resistance to disease.  Soon you’ll see for yourself the benefits of a phytonutrient- and enzyme-rich diet.

Michelle Schoffro Cook, DNM, DAc, CNC, is a six-time and best-selling book author whose works include: The Life Force Diet, The Ultimate pH Solution, and The 4-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan. She is a doctor of natural medicine, holistic nutritionist, and holistic life coach. Visit to learn more. provides content and community for who you aspire to be–personally, socially and globally.


Lynda W.
L W.2 years ago

Thank you Care2 for sharing great article .

Jeanne Rogers
Jeanne Rogers2 years ago

Thank you.

Pauline Chinen
Pauline C.6 years ago

I find oatmeal very helpful. What is oatmeal flour?

Tarryn S.
Tarryn S.6 years ago

Thanks for the fantastic info.

Vural K.
Past Member 7 years ago


Konstantin Bourtzalas

Try the Mediterranean diet and especially the Cretan (Greek island Of Crete). Ages and ages, the Cretans live more than 100 yrs and they don't know what is coronary disease or cancer!!It's based on olive oil, tomatoes, bread made of barley and legumes!! Try it !!

wy C.
wy C.7 years ago

Well! No matter how you name. Nutritious foods listed are Savior Foods to Health conscious individuals.
We have to consume foods that are rich in anti-oxidants so as to counter the production of free radicals in our body that are harzadous to our heath.
Beware that the nutrients in the foods are not destroyed through the various processes of preparation to make them delicious.

Cheryl T.
Past Member 7 years ago

Eat well, stay fit, & die anyway!!! The only way we are going to die healthy is by accident, or murder!!!

Michelle Schoffro Cook

Thanks Sharath! For lots more tips for healthy living, delicious recipes, and essential health info, be sure to check out my book, The Life Force Diet.

Dan M.
Dan M.7 years ago

I've found that after cleaning up my eating act, cutting out all the crap like sugar, potato chips, etc., and replacing them with good snacks like fruit; it doesn't take long before I actually don't like the greasy stuff anymore and I feel better to boot.

Variety is important for the veggies as different colors mean different vitamins are present.