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5 Natural Stovetop Simmers To Make Your House Smell Amazing

Want your house to smell good? Skip the fragrances that come in a can. Why? "Freshening" sprays and the elements that infuse that little tree you may have hanging on your car's rearview mirror actuall…


Best Non-Paper Gift Wrapping Options

Are you still using regular gift paper to wrap your presents? If so, this post is definitely for you! Paper is out, holiday bags, boxes and fabric are in. Here's why: They Save Time. It takes maybe…


10 Last-Minute Christmas Ornaments to Make

Deck your tree with some super fun handmade Christmas Ornaments instead of buying new this year. You can save some money and reduce your holiday waste! This post is part of Important Media’s “More …


7 DIY Centerpieces You Can Make From Fruit

Use fruit to create beautiful holiday centerpieces you can eat! Use a variety of platters, bowls, vases, boxes, tins, and baskets to create visual interest and to achieve the look you're going for, wh…


3 Crowd-Pleasing Holiday Dishes

Make your turkeys and hams jealous this season with decadent vegetable casseroles. These dishes are so satisfying and rich, they can (and should) be served as main dishes, especially appealing to the …


5 Creative & Natural DIY Holiday Centerpieces

Here are five ways to use plants and other natural materials to create beautiful holiday centerpieces. They won't cost a lot of money and when your holiday is over, you can either continue to water th…


25 DIY Christmas Presents (Infographic)

Did you procrastinate on your Christmas shopping this year? Here are twenty-five outstanding DIY ideas for you to make this weekend. 25 DIY Christmas Gifts You Can Make [Infographic] by the tea…


11 Easy Ways to Cut Your Sugar Intake During the Holidays

Just because the holidays are here doesn’t mean that your healthy eating habits should take a holiday. Adapted from my book 60 Seconds to Slim, here are 11 simple ways to cut your sugar intake and sti…


This Woman Was Going to Give $1,500 to Charity, Then She Had a Better Idea

Worried that she and her fellow pensioners would be spending much of the holiday season alone, one 86-year-old widow took matters into her own hands, renting out an entire pub and extending an open in…


How to Recycle Your Old Holiday Lights

Traditional twinkly holiday lights are beautiful, but they can make a bit of a dent in your holiday budget, given how much electricity it takes to illuminate them. They can also be downright annoying,…


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