Light in the Dark Night of the Soul

Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes we have to go through the dark night of the soul. Here is a poem that honors the pain while showing an opening to hope:

Radical Sky

20 years ago
I was getting married
on a boat
called Karma
on a sunny day
in a bay of dolphins.

My 9-year-old sister
carried the ring
on a pillow.

Now they are all gone:
sister, father, mother, husband.
A litany of loss.

But I have learned
even in the smallest circle of sun
reflected through a tiny prism of snow
you can see all the colors.

–Laura Foley


Permission by Laura Foley. Copyright Laura Foley.


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Thank you...and even though loss is just plain crap, we have to keep moving's just life.(As Marvin in The

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thanks for the info

LM Sunshine

just beautiful and touching, thank you for sharing!

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That's so sweet.

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Thank you this is quite well done

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thank you for sharing!!