“Lost World” Uncovered on Ocean Floor

After more than a year of analysis and interpretation, British scientists say they have discovered an exciting “lost world” full of previously undiscovered marine species on the seabed of the Southern Ocean, near Antarctica.

"Lost World" Uncovered on Ocean Floor
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Thanks for sharing

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Lovely to see, thank you

Lyn Simcock
Lyn Simcock4 years ago

So ... a beautiful new place for us to pollute ? Or have we already ? How many 'new' species were there before we 'found' it with the pollution that exists in our oceans already ? And how many of these 'new' species were caused by our pollution ?

Michael Kirkby
Michael Kirkby4 years ago

Life is life in all its forms.

Dale Overall

Stunning and breathtaking, so many vital and vibrant entities living beneath the watery depths, especially far below...hopefully these remarkable entities remain safe and sound adding their remarkable beauty to Nature's delicate paint brush!

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really amazing

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