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5 of Science’s Weirdest Theories About Falling in Love

From kindergarten romances to middle-age dating, all life stages are full of lessons about love. We learn from experience and friends’ horror stories, from reading columns and from Mom’s tried-and…


The Nursing Home Where College Students and Retirees Co-Habitate

Jessica, Onno, Jurien, Jordi, Max and Denise are typical college students: they go to class, hang out with friends and live on a tight budget. But instead of residing in a dorm, they live in the last …


The One Word Happy Couples Use To Stop Fights Before They Start

Don't let an argument derail positive communication. Have you noticed when you're in conflict with your partner that you tend to go around in circles, often having the same arguments over and over?…


6 Ways Skimping on Sleep Is Bad for Your Relationship

Before your date night Netflix marathon stretches into the early hours of the morning, keep reading. Skipping even a few hours of sleep can have a major impact not only on your health—expanding your w…


Depression or Grief? Even Doctors Can’t Tell

Clinical depression can so closely resemble the grieving process that doctors may have trouble distinguishing one from the other in older adults who've lost a spouse, according to new research from th…


8 Ways We Unwittingly Ruin Love

We all say we want it; but once we find it, why is it so damn hard to keep it? Ah…love. Obviously a hot and tricky topic—and while I agree that good love takes time and effort, I also know that love …


Differences Between Dating a Dog Person vs. Cat Person

Since I have two Labradors and live in the dog world, I have much more experience dating dog people than cat people. But, when I read about the recent survey by Direct Line Pet Insurance and K9 Media …


Honest Account of Obese Woman’s Journey of Self-Love

I spent my whole life not being noticed — so when I finally was, I didn't know how to feel. As an obese woman, I’m used to being the butt of jokes. "Nice ass!" I’ll hear walking down the street in my…


What Can Happen to a Marriage When a Wife Gets Sick

‘Til death do us part' is a popular marital promise that couples are finding it increasingly difficult to keep, especially when ‘In sickness and in health' becomes a reality. Nearly 6,300 divorces …


Why You Should Really Log into Facebook Less

The advent of social media has been both swift and all-encompassing, probably because the benefits are undeniable! Staying connected with friends and family as life and distance push you apart couldn’…


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My mood doesn't need boosting. Does yours? If so, you have nothing to lose. Grab some chocolate r…

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easy -peasy... but, I think, the brain wears matter what we do

Sadly no racoons in the UK but from what I've seen they are cute. I had a dog who liked to pop bubbl…

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