Make a Healing Tree Essence

The ancient Druids knew that trees were deeply sacred. Today, many people believe that the energy fields of trees hold healing possibilities for us, and that they are an exciting mystery still to be explored.

There are nine trees believed to provide spiritual healing and well-being. Find out what they are, and learn how to make a tree essence without harming the tree. It’s all here.

The trees which have qualities essential for health and well-being are:

Wild rose

Tree essences help us to develop self-esteem, help to free us from the past, increase motivation, and allow us to see with more clarity.

To Make a Tree Essence:
Without cutting or removing any part of the tree, soak parts of the tree in an oil-and-water emulsion. The oil then may be rubbed into the skin, especially on a chakra.

By Annie B. Bond


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Thank you for sharing.

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ty more information is in order

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Very interesting way to do, but I also agree that there is too little information, other processes are quite different.....


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Very interesting topic but I'd like more information. I'm not even sure exactly what is meant by "soak parts of the tree in an oil-and-water emulsion". How do you soak a tree (or even a part of)? What's the water/oil ratio? How long to you soak? How about using branches that need to be pruned or that have fallen after rain and/or wind storm? What "part" is best? Leaves? Bark? Pulp? ...

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would be nice to know what trees are specifically good for, but I guess we'll have to look that up elsewhere.