How to Make Easy Bath-Bags

Once you know how to make these simple little bath-bags, you’ll be able to use herbs, flowers, and kitchen-cupboard ingredients to create dozens of baths–healing, invigorating, or sensual, depending on your mood and what you need. And you’ll never clog your bathtub drain!

Includes a great recipe for soothing itchy dry skin. And bath bags make lovely gifts, too!

Any of the following may be used to create a bath bag:

For everyday use
Old nylons, odd socks, pieces of fabric with raw edges.

For gifts or special occasions
Hand-sewn bags, muslin tea bags, cotton washcloths, pretty handkerchiefs.

Simply place a handful of bath herbs or materials in the center of the fabric, gather up the edges, and fasten with a rubber band, adding ribbon if you intend to give as a gift. If using a sock or nylon, just knot the end.

To use:
Tie the bath bag on the waterspout as the tub is filling, or toss it in like a big tea bag. Scrub yourself with the bag, squeezing it often to release the oils from the herbs.


1/3 cup rolled oats
2 tablespoons dried lavender or 6 drops lavender essential oil

Mix ingredients and place in bath bag. Rub bath bag all over, allowing the pleasant slipperiness to soothe your skin.

Adapted from The Essential Oils Book by Colleen K. Dodt (Storey Books, 1996). Copyright (c) 1996 by Colleen K. Dodt. Reprinted by permission of Storey Books.
Adapted from The Essential Oils Book by Colleen K. Dodt (Storey Books, 1996).


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