Make Your Own Cabinet Pulls for $2 Each

After living in her rented San Francisco for a few years, Remodelista editor Alexa felt it was time to change the cabinet hardware in her kitchen. Her dilemma? Twenty-four cabinets, combined with a love for expensive leather pulls priced at $20 each. The good news is that she figured out a way to make her own desired cabinet pulls. It’s simple and requires onlythe materials below.

Above: Alexa’s finished pulls, which are easy to make.

Here’s What You Need:

Vegetable-tanned Leather Hide, $20 on Etsy (a single hide yields 30 cabinet pulls), or a faux leather alternative.

Matte Behr Interior Paint in white; $11.23 at Home Depot.

Nuts and Carriage Bolts; $5.44 for a pack of 20 at Home Depot.

General Tool 818 Scratch Awl; $6.60 at Amazon.

Paint Brushes; $1.15 each at Home Depot.

Above: To make each pull, simply paint the leather or faux leather surface, cut the pieces in your desired size (keep in mind each piece will be looped in half), create a hole for the screw with a stitching awl and add your nut and bolt. To see full step-by-step instructions, watch Alexa’s video tutorial.

Above: The source of Alexa’s obsession: leather cabinet pulls from Dutch interior design firm Nu Interieur Ontwerp.

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