A DIY Towel Bar for Less Than $10

After accumulating ideas for hundreds of do-it-yourself projects over the years, Remodelista editor Alexa has learned one important thing; the best DIY projects are simple, inexpensive, and can be knocked out in a few hours. She recently spotted this towel bar project at On My Honor, a blog by three sisters from the Pacific Northwest, who adapted an idea seen in Martha Stewart Living for the towel bars in their bathroom. Here’s how to make your own.

Above: Install a few eye bolts into the wall. Next, thread through some natural sisal or jute rope.

Above: Fix the ends with a sturdy knot and adjust the rope’s slack as desired.

Above: Hang your towel and—you’re finished.

Looking for more DIY projects for the bath? See Nautical Cleat as Toilet Paper Holder and Houseplants as Camouflage.


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oh thank you , this made me laugh. what a great way to motivate your partner to start the 'todo' list

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