Manual Mowers

The gushing exhaust from lawn mowing equipment currently contributes to a staggering 30 percent of overall U.S. vehicle pollution! By the year 2001, emissions from residential lawn mowers and tractors will have been reduced by 40 percent due to an agreement between the EPA and manufacturers. While an excellent step in the right direction, manual mowers reduce emissions by a perfect 100 percent.

If the blades are kept properly sharpened and the machine is well oiled (jojoba oil works beautifully), manual mowers work well. Even if you have to push a little harder here and there, they cut down on noise pollution, save money, and completely eliminate hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide. Not a bad trade-off.


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Wow...30% of vehicle polution is a shocking statistic.

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Reel mowers become even more practical when you reduce the size of your lawn, and replace portions with perennial plants that require less fertilizer and water, don't need mowing, and provide a living mulch.

Roger Nehring
Roger Nehring6 years ago

I have had two reel mowers, one a gift(used) one I bought new. I had the same problem with both in that they do not cut what I have heard called, 'wire grass'. This plant sends up wiry stems with small seed heads and the manual mowers just pushed it down. I tried manual weed cutters but that really turns into a job after mowing!

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i use one for smaller jobs

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