‘Miracle’ Panda Triplets Are Born in China (Video)

The chance of a panda giving birth to triplets is one in one hundred, so this is quite a rare sight for China’s persistent panda breeding program. They are hopeful all three pandas will survive. Watch this live footage of these adorable newborn panda cubs and their mom.

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Oceanside Plumbing
Oceanside Plumbingabout a year ago

Oh my god, so adorable

Natasha Salgado
Natasha Salgadoabout a year ago

They're so tiny!

Marie G.
Marie G.about a year ago

Wonderful! thanks for sharing!

Eileen Mary P.
Eileen P.about a year ago

How magical and what priceless three treasures.

Alexandra G.
Alexandra G.about a year ago

fascinating !!! thank you

Luis Brantuas
Luís Brântuasabout a year ago

Thanks for sharing!

Val M.
Val M.about a year ago


Shirley E.
Shirley E.about a year ago

They look so frail! I can hardly believe that if they grow to adulthood they'll weigh 250 to 300 lbs! But there again, I went from 6 lb to a yukky 190, so perhaps I can. Especially if they loll around eating bamboo all day ...

Tammy Marlewski
Tammy Marlewskiabout a year ago

OMGosh! They are SO ADORABLE!!

Donnaa D.
donnaa d.about a year ago

i hope these babies survive