Mottled Owl Loves Cuddles (Video)

This little owl redefines cute. Watch an extremely content and happy mottled owl enjoy loving nose rubs.

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Debbie Miller
Debbie Miller3 years ago

What a sweet sweet owl!!

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

caroline s.
Caroline S.3 years ago

Thank you, Pat P., for your comment :
"The man in the video indicated he found him on the road, probably is in his home waiting for the wildlife rescuer to come the next day. Hopefully, the owl will either be released, if feasible, or go to a sanctuary".
I love owls, and this one is just beautiful :-)))

Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener3 years ago


Claudia Acosta
Claudia Acosta3 years ago

:) hooooo pretty!

Nora McKellar
Nora M3 years ago

shes beautiful....just look at those eye lashes!

Monica D.
M D.3 years ago

Very cute.

Vicky P.
Vicky P.3 years ago

awww cutie

JL A.3 years ago


Alexandra B.
Alexandra B.3 years ago

Awww.. the owl is so adorable. It obviously cannot scratch its own forehead, so that is quite a blissful moment for the little one, hehe.
However, i am against keeping wild birds (or any wild animals, for that matter) at home. Unless if these people found the bird injured and took it in with a thought to release it back to the wild after it gets back to good health, it has no business to live in the person's home and act as an entertainment for the person himself and for the guests.