The Sanskrit word namaste (pronounced nah-mah-STAY) means “The spirit in me honors the spirit in you.” Whenever you first make eye contact with another person, say “Namaste” silently to yourself. This is a way of acknowledging that the being there is the same as the being here.

When you do this, everything about you—your body language, your expression, and your tone—will be recognized by the other person at some profound level. Even though this greeting is silent, the other person will consciously or unconsciously register the respect implicit in your greeting. Practice this exercise for a few days, and see if you notice a difference in your interactions with other people.

Adapted from The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2003).


Pooja Rawal
Pooja Rawal4 years ago

Namaste to all of U :-)

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia4 years ago

So true, actively trying to see people as their own being and respecting them as their own enity is both hard and rewarding.

Too bad you don't know how to apply it Elaine.

Shirley E.
Shirley E.4 years ago

It's definitely a good way to treat people, especially strangers or anyone you didn't particularly like last time of meeting.

Donna B.
Donna B.4 years ago

Thx. Will have to give this a try.

Lupe G.
Lupe Guerra4 years ago


Kathleen Cazander

Beautiful. I will try it.

Diane K.
Diane K.4 years ago

Only time I thought to use "namaste", was in yoga. Thank you.

Teresa Cowley
Teresa Cowley4 years ago

I really like this idea--I'm going to try it and see what happens.

Nils Lunde
PlsNoMessage se4 years ago

Thanks again...

Miranda Parkinson