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Nature & Wildlife

The Secret Behind YouTube’s Painting Elephants

To the tune of Simon and Garfunkel's "Sound of Silence," Sade the elephant paints herself. The brush strokes are a little clumsy, but the elephant form is unmistakable. When she needs a new color, her…


8 of the World’s Scariest Looking Animals

You probably wouldn't want to encounter any of these in the wild... If you're missing the goblins and ghouls of Halloween, take a look at these real-life monsters. We've compiled some of the most u…


Warning: #BearSelfies Are A Dumb Idea

Just because someone owns a smart phone doesn't make them "smart." Could this be any more apparent than in Lake Tahoe, California, where a disturbingly stupid trend to rush toward wild bears in an eff…


Orphaned Baby Rhino & Goat Make an Adorable Pair (Video)

Little G and his sidekick Lammie are so cute when they play. We would've never put a goat and rhino in the same room, but these two play pals surprised us by being a perfect match. Related Baby …


Hundreds of Salamanders Gather on Homeowner’s Doorstep

That's exactly what happened to one St. Louis area homeowner. No, these are not snakes, or even reptiles. They are an amphibian species called a ringed salamander. The Missouri Department of Co…


African Lions Are One Step Closer to Being Protected From Trophy Hunters

African lions came a step closer to being protected from trophy hunting yesterday when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) proposed listing them as threatened under the U.S. Endangered Species …


One Way We Can Help Stop Animal Abuse at the Circus

A lot of the petitions featured on Care2 address animal issues. Recently, we witnessed the power that a small, but targeted local petition can have over helping save animals lives in a Swiss Zoo. Care…


Do Plants Feel It When You’re Chewing Them?

If you have a big salad planned for lunch, you may want to read this later. Researchers at the University of Missouri recently asked: Can plants feel us eating them? They set out to find the answer…


Here’s Another Reason to Protect Coral Reefs: You Might Need to Make Your Bones Out Of It.

Say you've been in an accident and suffered broken bones that could only be repaired by adding new bone to them. Right now, your doctor would probably harvest bone from your pelvis or ribs. That makes…


7 Death-Defying Zombies of the Plant & Animal World

The Zombie Uprising is here! Creeping through lush temperate forests, rising from America's floodplains and lurking in oceans around the world, nature's zombies are all around us. Sometimes gr…


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Looks fun, but some of the comments suggest the dog wsn't enjoying the child's attention.

Thank You for sharing:)

Though the information about cancer's link to LDL is interesting, I do wonder if this will only add …

A wonderful happy story, bless his sweet heart, he loves running, sharing this !