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5 Astonishing Facts About Bee-Killing Pesticides

Humans have sprayed all sorts of pesticides to protect their crops since 2000 BC. Yet, after the†Second World War, their use increased 50-fold. With so many chemicals left over, manufacturers decided†…


Want to Protect Orangutans? Stop Eating Cookies & Crackers Made With Palm Oil

You know all those cream-filled cookies and crunchy savory crackers you enjoy? Before you buy another box, take a second to read the ingredients label. If you see the words "palm oil" on the package, …


Bao Bao the Giant Panda’s First Snow Day (Video)

Watch giant panda Bao Bao play in snow for his very first time. The sixteen-month-old Bao Bao lives in Washington D.C. with his mother Mei Xian--the panda you see Bao Bao pounce on after happily rol…


What’s Behind Your Organic Label? Demand Better Standards

What do the words "organic farm" mean to you? Probably not the conditions†the Cornucopia Institute found when they obtained aerial photographs of organic livestock operations of 14 large-scale orga…


5 Garden Goals for the New Year

While most of us are still recovering from the holidays; still putting away decorations, and deciding what to do with all the unwanted mail we received, you might actually be happy about the gardening…


Canada Needs to Do a Better Job Protecting Animals, Says Care2 Petition Author

Would you be surprised to learn that Canada does a worse job protecting animals than Brazil, India and the Philippines? Care2 member Janelle Martel was. That's why she's started a petition urging peop…


Spy Drones Reveal the Truth About Factory Farms (Video)

Factory farm conditions have long been protested, but this raw visual footage is even harder to ignore. We are seeing the truth with this bird's eye view -- from the pools of feces and urine to the …


The Case for Slowing Down in 2015

2015 is here and youíre as busy as ever. Being busy is a great thing, but, it can be incredibly stressful, which taxes your body and your health over time. Instead of trying to force more stress onto …


A Grandfather on Climate Change & The Poem That Led to Activism

I became a grandfather for the first time in the summer of 2005. I didnít quite know what to expect. Life doesnít really prepare you for this role. Why, it seems just like yesterday that I was a grand…


6 Animals With Very Long Life Spans

Human longevity is increasing all the time. But compared to some other animals, a human's average life span (about 78.5 years according to the CDC) is nothing to brag about. One bird just celebrated h…


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