Nestlé Adopts New Animal Welfare Standards

World Animal Protection has a vision. They want to see a world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty has ended. Earlier this year, they partnered with Nestlé, one of the world’s leading food brands. It didn’t take long for Nestle to commit to making one of the biggest improvements to the lives of farm animals, according to the New York Times. Their newly adopted animal welfare standards will affect 7,300 Nestlé suppliers around the world. Hopefully, their competitors will follow suit, along with other companies that share the same suppliers.

Kevin Petrie, chief procurement officer for Nestlé in North America said,

“The new policy is another step in Nestlé’s efforts to address risks in its supply chains like child labor and palm oil, the production of which is damaging to forests. Consumers today know far more about how components in their food are made — and they are far more willing to share that knowledge to stir up a fuss on social media, he said.”

According to the Times, “Nestlé will no longer buy products derived from pigs raised in gestation stalls, chickens in barren battery cages, cattle that have been dehorned or had their tails docked without anesthesia and animals whose health has been damaged by drugs that promote growth.”

I want to join the World Animal Protection in saying #ThankYouNestlé. And thank you to everyone who has advocated for animal rights by speaking up and signing petitions.

What do you think about their commitment to improving the lives of animals through humane farming? Thanks for sharing your thoughts in a comment below.

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Magdalena J.
Past Member 2 years ago

Thank you!

Judy Howard
Judith Howard2 years ago

Kudos to Nestle. I would consider buying their products again in light of this news. I will be commending Mr. Petrie on Nestles commitment to the welfare of animals. Thanks for posting such important news.

Lynn Rubal
Lynn Rubal2 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Denise D.
Denise D.2 years ago

"Stir up a fuss on social media"??? So, Kevin Petrie thinks that's what people who care about what they eat AND what they eat eats and how the animals are treated only want to do?? Well, Mr. Petrie, if that is the only way companies like yours will listen to what your customers want, then so be it!!! Be prepared to see lots more of it, should Nestle not do what it says it's going to!

Denise D.
Denise D.2 years ago

I have avoided Nestle products for quite a while. Frankly, I believe this move is too little, too late for me. I still will avoid them for other reasons. I saw no mention of their dropping GMO's, either in the animals' feed or in other ingredients in their products.

Marie G.
Marie G.2 years ago

Bravo Nestlé, I know you do it for money, but if this can help animals, it is fine with me!

Danuta Watola
Danuta Watola2 years ago

Thank you for posting.

Lorraine Gardner
Lorraine Gardner2 years ago

I have refused to buy Neslle products for some time, so will be interested
to see reports on child labour and slavery in their supply chain and palm oil
sources before I change my view, but let's hope they are truly committed.

Maria A.
Past Member 2 years ago

What is sad is that the only thing they are really interested in is not the animals or peoples health and well being. It is "... and they are far more willing to share that knowledge to stir up a fuss on social media, he said."

Thank you.

Mari 's
Mari 's2 years ago

This is great tyvm Nestle!!! I will have to check on this but I think they are still selling some palm oil products which is not good at all very deadly!!!