New Mountaintop Removal Movie (Videos)

The singers Emmylou Harris and Naomi Judd talk about mountaintop removal and the new movie called The Last Mountain. This documentary depicts the very destructive method of blowing up mountaintops to find coal.



The Last Mountain Trailer

Image Credit: Flashdark


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lori c.
lori c.4 years ago

This a TRAGEDY of the worst kind, I can't believe this has been allowed to go on. THEY ARE KILLING THE MOUNTAINS AND STREAMS AND ALL THAT DEPEND ON THEM!!!

Kersty E.
Kersty E.4 years ago

when people are destroying the earth they are destroying themselves.

Prochi T.
Prochi T.4 years ago

Destrying nature is very cruel.

Hugh Mcintyre
Hugh Mcintyre4 years ago

oh my god!

Magdalen B.
Magdalen B.4 years ago

And once they've used it all, in a few years or so, it's gone and so are the mountains which had stood there since creation.

Eva Adgrim
Eva Adgrm4 years ago

Oh so sad it must stop

Julie G.
Julie G.4 years ago

A pathetic tragedy of what some people do
To damage the Earth and the environments. So uncool.
Mother Earth is pissed off no doubt of all the abuse
In consequence so much are we going to lose
And corporations can't bring back what took Nature years to evolve
Maybe if we work together to voice out these sorts of problems perhaps then we can get close to have these issues resolve.

ana p.
ana p.4 years ago


Lin Moy
Lin M4 years ago

What a shame they can't find another way to do better things