Ocean Film Festival in Monterey

From August 24th to the 29th, the Monterey Bay Aquarium will host the Blue Ocean Film Festival. The film festival is being presented in tandem with an ocean conservation summit. Over five days, 118 films will be shown at five different venues (You can find the films listed here by day and time of showing). Awards for the best films will be given Saturday at the Golden State Theater in Monterey.

Some of Jacques Cousteau’s family members will speak at the conservation summit about the importance of preserving marine life. Singer Paula Cole will perform at the awards ceremony. Other special events include educational workshops such as an introduction to underwater filmmaking, Google Oceans, social media and many more.

Image Credit: Aube Insanite


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The end does not justify the means.. Until I hear an animal say they don't mind being in a zoo or aquarium I do not want to see them trapped in a cage. So far there's been no word.

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