On This Memorial Day, I Thank You – Free H.E.A.R.T. DVD

- If you are sensitive to any combat video screens you may not choose to watch the trailer above. -

May is military appreciation month – a time when we honor the men and women of the Armed Forces, their families and Veterans for the sacrifices they’ve made on our behalf. We come together, setting aside all social and political discourses, to say a heartfelt thank you.

On this Memorial Day, I say “thank you” to those who lost their lives or were wounded in service … “thank you” to the millions of service members and families for the incalculable sacrifices you have made … and “much appreciated” to those who helped in times of conflict, national and foreign crises and natural disasters at home and abroad.

Nobody likes war and very few truly support war. My heartfelt goal is that one day war will cease to exist, and we will live in a different world – a world of peace.

Did you know military assets are significantly increasing in humanitarian emergencies throughout the world? Record numbers of devastating weather, climate disasters and areas of social unrest continue to happen at an unprecedented pace. Thankfully, our armed forces are there, continuing to provide aid for these areas in crisis. And as a peace-loving organization, I am pleased that they support and are involved in ongoing peacekeeping operations.

The Tragic Number of Suicides

On March 27, veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars placed 1,892 small American flags on the National Mall in Washington D.C. They did so in remembrance of and to raise awareness about the 1,892 veterans who had committed suicide in just the first 85 days of 2014.

This tragic number of suicides amounts to a staggering rate of 22 for every one of those 85 days. Veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome, depression, feelings of guilt or shame and who are unable to transition from the battlefront to civilian life are ending their lives rather than enduring more pain.

Thousands upon thousands of our veterans are lonely, helpless and hopeless at this very moment. There is an urgent need to reach out to them, and the Institute of HeartMath is taking action to reach as many veterans as possible to let them know we care deeply and are here to help.

“In war, there are no unwounded soldiers.” ~ Jose Narosky Writer

IHM offers to all veterans, military service personal and their families a FREE HeartMath Education and Resilience Training (H.E.A.R.T.) DVD. The Free H.E.A.R.T. DVD is a 4+ hour training that includes inspirational stories of veterans who’ve used and benefited from this training program, and a booklet tells you how to get the most from the DVD. It provides self-regulation techniques to give the viewer a better understanding of managing emotions and building resilience and has helped many veterans turn their lives around and regain optimism about their future.

The self-regulation tools and coherence-building technology veterans learn in the H.E.A.R.T. program can help them lessen, learn to cope with and in many cases overcome a great deal of their mental and emotional anguish and pain. They’re better able to participate in the kinds of skill-building programs that prepare them to venture out on their own – into communities, relationships, jobs and more productive and meaningful lives.

For a free H.E.A.R.T. DVD, go to http://www.heartmath.org/heart-dvd and fill out the short form. We will ship the H.E.A.R.T. DVD to you for free.  View the video trailer of veterans as they share their inspirational stories. Trailer of the video is at the top of this article.

The HeartMath website has a dedicated free resource section for veterans and military service personnel and their families, and we offer the Personal Resilience Mentoring Program for veterans.

Remember, the H.E.A.R.T. DVD and shipping are FREE. Just, go to http:// www.heartmath.org/heart-dvd and fill out the short form.


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