Orangutan and Hound Dog Become Best Friends (video)

When Surya the orangutan meets a hound dog by the river, the two become instant best friends. They hug and kiss, share food, and play together.

It’s a heartwarming story from the National Geographic show Unlikely Animal Friends.

Dog and Elephant: Best Friends
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Aimee A.
Aimee A.4 years ago

Thanks for posting!

Aoife O Mahony
Aoife O Mahony5 years ago

Lovely! Thank you =)

Colin Hope
Colin Hope5 years ago

Can't see it either?

Valerie G.
Valerie G.5 years ago

Can't see it...

Celine V.
Celine V.5 years ago

Could not watch the video in Canada...

Anita B.
Anita B.5 years ago

Thanks. These two friends are extremely well known.

Lisa Zarafonetis
Lisa Zarafonetis5 years ago

What a precious couple! :)
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Krasimira B.
Krasimira B.5 years ago

I can't view the video, but the picture is nice.

Robert O.
Robert O.5 years ago

Cute. Animals friendships come in many forms. :)

Monique D.
Mon D.5 years ago

Too bad, I can't view the video