Ordering Sustainable Sushi

Do you love sushi but are wondering which roll you can eat in good conscience? You’re not alone. We all know our oceans have been overfished to the point of extinction for many species. Some scientists even say that in 40 years, eating fish will be a luxury reserved for the super-rich.

For those of you who are fish lovers, the best thing you can do for the moment is to order the most sustainable fish that you can. You can find a sustainable seafood guide at www.eartheasy.com. For quick reference, check out this list. These choices have taken into account the status of wild population, the fishing method, the by-catch, and the general impact on the environment.

Catfish (farmed)
Crab: Blue, Dungeness and King
Pacific halibut
Atlantic mackerel
Pacific octopus
Farmed oysters
Pacific black cod
Trap-caught, Pacific prawns
Wild Alaskan salmon
Scallops (bay-farmed)
Pacific squid
Farmed striped bass
Farmed tilapia
Pacific albacore tuna
Sea urchin (uni)

Lobster (Atlantic)
Mahi mahi
Octopus (Atlantic)
Prawns (U.S. farmed or wild)
Scallops (sea, bay, wild)
Shrimp (domestic, trawl-caught)
Snow crab
Squid (Atlantic)
Swordfish (Pacific)
Tuna: Yellowfin or Skipjack

Atlantic cod
Alaska king crab
Atlantic halibut
Orange roughy
Imported or tiger prawns
Farmed Scottish salmon
Chilean seabass
Red snapper
Bluefin tuna
Yellowtail flounder

Adapted from Gorgeously Green: 8 Simple Steps to an Earth-Friendly Life by Sophie Uliano.


Michelle Gallego
Michelle Gallego3 years ago

Unfortunately this epidemic with our food roots to an ignorant population of people that don't think past putting it in there mouth... Regardless of the type of foo, we all need to eat more sustainably. And, if everyone were more cautious about where the food is coming from, we wouldn't have issues with declining quality. We should all pay more attention to where our food is coming from and how much we are eating.

Sue H.
sue H.3 years ago

Let us all try much harder to protect the oceans and their inhabitants!! Never were so many sushi shops... now every small town has one or two... where do we expect all this seafood to come from???

a             y m.
g d c.3 years ago


paul m.
paul m.3 years ago

Woulden't touch it....

Talya Honor
Tal H.3 years ago

thanks for the info!!! i love that SASSI allows you to text them re the fish you are eating!!

Jessica Sutton
Past Member 5 years ago

thank you! i try to live as sustainably as i can but i also love sushi! (it's also my B12 source.) i've given up almost everything else. this list will be useful

colleen p.
colleen p.5 years ago

I doubt they put dolphin IN comerical sushi. You think the would of caught that by now, like when the tanuki was labled faux.

K s Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Julie F.
Julie F.5 years ago

thank you for this post!

Tomoko Harris
Tomoko Harris5 years ago

Thank you because I LOVE sushi but do not want to hurt Mother Ocean.