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Overpopulation: The Facts and Solutions

What You Can Do

While overpopulation is largely an issue that is bigger than the individual, there are a few things you can do to support the collective cause, such as:

- Minimize your consumption
- Use contraception
- Do all you can to protect the environment

You can also make a difference by supporting the organizations and initiatives that affect change. How can you support them? Any way you can. That could include things like donations, volunteering, spreading awareness among your social circle, or even organizing a fundraising event. Fundraising ideas abound and are only limited by your imagination.

Here are some of the organizations that are helping curb overpopulation:

- UNFPA: The United Nations Population Fund promotes equality for all people. Its mission is to help governments by collecting information about different populations (think censuses), providing sexual reproductive healthcare to women and youths, and family planning. Here is an in-depth article they released about the population as of 2011.

- Population Institute: The Population Institute educates policymakers and the public about population and promotes universal access to family planning, education, and services.

- The Audubon Society: Th Audubon Society aims at protecting the habitat of plants and animals, addressing the stressors that the population puts on these species.

- Worldwatch Institute: The Worldwatch Institute provides information to decisionmakers about environmental concerns by developing and disseminating data and strategies on topics such as climate change, resource degradation, population growth, and poverty.

For a list of more overpopulation organizations, check out this list from WOA.

“4.5 Earths would be required to support a global population living like an average resident of the U.S.”
- Jim Leape, WWF International

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Is Overpopulation a Green Myth?
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7 Billion People and Counting

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Adria Saracino

Adria Saracino is the Head of Outreach at Distilled, an Internet marketing agency, where she connects businesses and helps them establish meaningful partnerships. You can also find Adria talking and tweeting about fashion through her blog, The Emerald Closet.


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11:14AM PST on Feb 14, 2014

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man s needs but not for every man s greed'
- Mohandas K. Gandhi

11:10PM PDT on Jun 1, 2013

Same copy of this article is posted here:

11:06AM PST on Mar 8, 2013

I have a slow but perhaps workable solution.
While the problems are many, I think we can agree that many would work against attempts
to control population, either for greed, religion, selfishness, etc. The cure is to "allow" people
to suffer the consequeces for their actions.
To that End, I'd sugest Changing the way emmigration works world wide. Allow any to emmigrate anywhere they long as they can find someone to trade places with them.
that way. population pressures are internal, and those countries will have to deal with it.

9:32PM PDT on Oct 3, 2012

i think people shud realize that taking care of the environment is in our best interest, nature doesn't give a crap. it might take a million years or so but nature will end up aight its us thats effed.

3:55PM PDT on Jun 16, 2012

You`re quite right Marie. W,
when I was a child they were saying that the world population could comfortably stand on the Isle of Wight, which is a small island off the south coast of England, and thereby considerably smaller than Texas !

No doubt they`ll wait until the world population brings us to the verge of apocalypse, and then glibly announce that the world population could comfortably stand up in Alaska !

3:45PM PDT on Jun 16, 2012

The world population has just officially reached 7 Billion and there are morons out there celebrating the fact. I`ve done all I can, including keeping my commitment to never have children. Unfortunately, I feel my efforts are being trampled on by those who either won`t listen, don`t give a damn, or who are in ignorance !

5:48PM PDT on Jun 14, 2012

Check out the video's on Overpopulation is a myth!

6:39PM PDT on May 6, 2012

Thank you. Interesting for sure!

10:50PM PDT on Apr 25, 2012

How would we ensure proper sanitation and effective waste disposal? Overcrowding, combined with inadequate sewer systems, resource scarcity and lack of infrastructure, is bound to lead to the outbreak of disease, civil unrest, conflict and destitution.
The truth is, people need much more than just the land they are standing on. In order to be healthy and safe, they need space that far exceeds the .025 acres that Texas would offer.
So take that old canard and give it the burial it needed long ago.

10:48PM PDT on Apr 25, 2012

How I hate the stupid idea="world's current population could comfortably live within the state of Texas." Its a red herring- totally misleading.
First, the initial calculation was done by Thomas Sowell in 1984, when the world's population was 4.4 billion. Its now 7 billion and growing.
It's irrelevant to discussions of overpopulation, because it does nothing to address resources or the distribution of them. Great, everyone can have 1000 square feet to squat in! What about food or water? Power- going to have any lights on?
And you could fit all the cars of the world onto the freeways of Los Angeles, but could they function? It’s one thing to “fit” into an area, and it is an entirely different issue for people to live and thrive in that same space.
The “Population in Texas” fact is often cited by people who do not understand the concept of carrying capacity. Carrying capacity estimates the number of people a certain area of land can sustain without compromising its viability.
In fact, if the entire population of the world actually lived within the Lone Star borders, each person would have just .025 acres of land on which to drive, live, go to school, grow food, and do everything else a person needs space for. It takes 0.17 acres of arable land just to feed one person a vegetarian diet without the use of pesticides or other chemical bolsters. Where would we build our houses, schools, fire stations, and hospitals? How would we ensure prope

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