Curious Pack of Alpacas (funny video)

Watch this adorably curious pack of alpacas slowly creep up to get a better look at the videographer.

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Linda W.
Linda W.10 months ago

Sweet faces

J.J. v. Dongen
J.J. v. Dongen10 months ago

Who is watching who?

Fi T.
Fi T.2 years ago

Life is always full of wonder

Irina Brenner
Irina Brenner2 years ago


Carol F.
Carol F.2 years ago

I love Alpacas! We have several farms around here, they are always quite curious, as if they are saying, "What are you looking at, but we know how adorable we are"!

Colin Hope
Colin Hope2 years ago

I think Ram is rather "horny" !!

Karen F.
Karen F.2 years ago

Come on you guys - all following the herd - no rugged individualists amongst you?

Lis T.
Elisabeth T.2 years ago

How adorable! Thanks for sharing.

Oleg Kobetz
Oleg Kobetz2 years ago


Rachida El Kaddioui

Love these alpacas funny curious faces!!