Pause (Poem)

In the stillness I pause
To connect to the Divine
Love that pulses within me

In each breath I feel
My fearful old ways
Returning to Source

In this moment I hear
The truth echo in the
Silence of the sunrise

In my soul I find
Seeds of all that I
Dream of being

In sacred tradition I offer
All that I am to the Earth to
Cleanse that which causes suffering

In the stillness I am
Completely loved and loving
Perfection is restored

In a new beginning I agree
To surrender to the magically
Wild One I was created to be

This is exactly the third poem I’ve written in my life; the other two came ten years ago. This one came through during a meditation. I thought I would put it here because of how creativity connects us to ourselves, one another, and the world.


Sandi O'Donovan
Sandra O'Donovan3 years ago

Thank you for sharing..

Fiona T.
Fi T.3 years ago

Knowing to take a break is a gift

Chrissie H.
Chrissie H.3 years ago

Thanks for sharing this Christy,very inspirational.

Ruby A.
Ruby A.3 years ago

es un hermoso poema

Debbie Williamson

Thanks Christy.

Maryann Mancini
Maryann Mancini3 years ago

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring.

Margaret Paddock
Margaret Paddock3 years ago

Beautiful and insightful. I'm very glad you shared this with us.

Carol R.
Carol R.3 years ago


Cindi S.
Cindi s.3 years ago

We can all take something from this. Thank you Christy.

William Barratt

Thank you Christy for sharing this.