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Puppies Are Endlessly Amused by Ice Cubes (Video)

First, man discovered fire. Then, puppies discovered ice cubes. These puppies just can't seem wrap their minds around ice cubes. Watch them have an all-out battle -- it's adorable. Related Cats…


Barking Dog May Cost Owner Her House

North Seattle resident Denise Norton has a dog that barks. So her neighbor sued. Norton did not take her neighbor's legal threats seriously and ignored what she saw as a frivolous lawsuit. That was un…


Cat Rolls Over on Command (Video)

Itís no big surprise that Rottweilers Lucy and Phoenix can roll over on command. But for their little sister Didga, itís a different story. This cool copycat follows right along with her ownerís in…


10 Reasons Dogs Make The Best Valentine’s Dates

When you are single on February 14th, all the romance advertising can make you feel that you need a date on Valentine's Day to be happy. But, the truth is, your best Valentine's date is already greeti…


Baby Gets a Bath from the Family Dog (Video)

This baby is adamant about his bath with Bix the dog. It's hilarious to watch him demand that the dog keep licking him as Mom laughs behind the camera. Related The Tragic Life of a Puppy Mill Do…


Fun Indoor Activities for Dogs in Winter

What do you do when it's too cold to let your dog exercise and play outside? Find ways to run out your dog's energy inside! From creating your own agility course to feeding from a food puzzle or fr…


Guide Dog Etiquette: What You Should & Shouldn’t Do Around Service Dogs

You probably know not to pet a service dog who's working ó the dog may even wear a sign that says so. But you may not realize that it's just as important to make sure that your dog†has good manners ar…


Are Dogs Becoming Doctors for Cancer Patients?

An average dog can understand over 150 words, and some Border Collies have proven to know upwards of 200 words. While that is amazing, dogs still haven't yet learned how to get into medical† school. B…


Dog IQ Tests: Is Your Dog an Einstein?

How smart is your dog? Is he/she an Einstein? Dogs basically have two types of intelligence: instinctive and adoptive. Instinctive intelligence is associated with the breed and type of dog. For exampl…


The Tragic Life of a Puppy Mill Dog

Joe and Cindy first laid eyes on Chloe when they passed through a pet store on their way to a movie. They never saw the weekend blockbuster but instead fell in love with a little blond Cocker Spaniel …


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