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What to Look for in Your First Dog

So you've decided to take the leap and become a dog owner. Welcome to the club. Now you just need to find the right breed. Since you're new to this whole pet parent thing, believe us when we say you d…


7 Fascinating Dog Breeds That No Longer Exist

It is hard to imagine our favorite dog breeds becoming extinct that seems more likely to be the fate of rare wild animals, not the affectionate lump of fur curled at our feet. But that's exactly wha…


Daily Cute: Bird Serenades Dog During Dinner

What does doggy fine dining look like? Probably something like this. Enjoying a relaxing meal while being serenaded by your friend the bird. If only we could be this lucky this weekend. div.image_s…


Daily Cute: Baby, Dog and Rubber Ducky

If you haven't smiled today yet, you're about to. Who can deny the simple joy of a happy baby sharing his toys with his dog. And of course laughing uproariously at who knows what exactly. div.image…


Can You Pass Our Quiz About Heartworm?

Among the illnesses that affect our pets, few are better known than heartworm disease. And for good reason: Heartworm is potentially life threatening to our pets. But do you truly understand all aspec…


6 Tips for Teaching Your Dog to Stop Begging

Does your dog sit by the table and whimper at dinner time? Does she stare at you adamantly while you are eating dinner? Do you believe that feeding him some of your food from the table is a way of exp…


5 Health Risks Lurking at the Dog Park

Your local dog park can offer a barking, tail-wagging good time and great socialization for your dog. But before you and your pet head out for some off-leash fun, consider some of the health concerns …


Is It Safe for My Dog to Drink From Rivers, Lakes or Oceans?

Any animal compelled to lap up toilet water probably has a cast-iron constitution, right? So what harm can come to a dog who drinks out of natural bodies of water? Plenty, as it turns out. Outdo…


Daily Cute: Dogs Who Found the Perfect Stick

These dogs clearly had a good weekend. The search for the perfect stick is an endless endeavor. Sometimes you have to jump high and take chances, but the payoff is usually worth it and the cuteness is…


4 Odd Dog Sleeping Habits Explained

Think your dog has some weird sleeping habits? From napping curled up in a ball to the twitching that some dogs do when they dream, we investigate what these habits mean and even where in a dog's ev…


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