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Corgi Loves This Carousel More Than a Child Ever Could (Video)

Humans typically hate running on a treadmill. This corgi shows us that running on an exercise machine can be amazing, as long as that machine goes round and round in the form of a children's play st…


5 Simple Ways to Cope With Pet Allergies

You're no stranger to a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, rashes and welts. You're one of more than 60 million Americans the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America estimates are affected by allergies in gene…


11 Most Talkative Dog Breeds

Some dog breeds are known for their tendency to talk. They might not have the loudest of barks, but they're rarely at a loss for woofs. Which breeds do experts put at the top of the talkative lis…


Dog’s Reaction After Mom Leaves Him for One Whole Day (Video)

If you need a little love in your life today, it's time to press play. Mom left this german shepherd for a single day, and she gets the welcome of a lifetime. Watch this friendly giant convince us y…


TV Can Hurt Dogs (But Not in the Way You Might Guess)

Dogs are the star of media these days. They capture our eyes and our hearts. But, even when dogs are treated well during filming, there still can be a downside: the popularity of certain breeds in the…


Dachshund Doesn’t Need You to Play Fetch With Him (Video)

This gadget is a great way to cure your pet's boredom. Watch this dachshund happily play fetch with an automatic thrower. This way, when pet parents have their hands full, the pup of the house can s…


7 Things Pet Owners Do That Drive Vets Crazy

It’s a tough subject to tackle. After all, veterinarians do plenty of annoying things, too. But this particular post is all about you — well, not you, but the annoying yous among you. Not that most …


Cutest Puppy Tries His Best to Climb the Stairs (Video)

This pup teaches us all a lesson in perseverance. Watch this little guy make it up two sets of staircases, with a few cute slip-ups along the way. Related The Pet Obesity Epidemic Dog Doesn't C…


Bulldog Just Can’t Handle This Awesome Outdoor Shower (Video)

We would definitely invite this dog to our pool party. Watch this chunky cutie get super ecstatic about an outdoor shower, pancake-flipping with a smile in pure, H20 bliss! Related Husband & Fr…


The Pet Obesity Epidemic

Ever found yourself offering treats to your furred loved ones against your better judgment? If you’re like most of us, you have. So many of us are doing this, in fact, that our pets are likelier to …


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