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Does Your Pet Have an Estate Plan?

Our pets are often as much a beloved part of the family as are our children, yet they are all too often the forgotten loved ones when it comes to estate planning. With our nation’s senior population e…


Daily Cute: Love is Love

The celebration of love is one that never dies. The penguins know it, along with the lions and swans of the world. The only ones a little slow on the uptake are us humans—but we're making steps to red…


Husky Dreams About Licking

Puppy dreams about his first ice cream cone. div.image_share ul.care2_blog_sidebar { display: none; } Related 15 Surprising Uses For Bananas How I Got Rid of Menopause Symptoms How to Help Ki…


Daily Cute: Baby Goat Musical Chairs

What's cuter than baby goats? Baby goats playing musical chairs on stumps instead of chairs and jumping all over each other. Yeah that's the cutest. div.image_share ul.care2_blog_sidebar { display:…


Daily Cute: Happy Purride!

From the YouTube synopsis: "This post is rated FABULOOUUSSS!! Our pets don't care if we're gay, straight, bi, asexual, transgender, curious, or questioning, and neither should we! Complete with dis…


Daily Cute: Dog Bounds Through Wheat Field

What better afternoon adventure for a puppy than running through a waving field of wheat. So what if he can barely see over the top of the grass? Just be sure to check for ticks afterward! div.imag…


Daily Cute: Pets Who Are Definitely Taking the Day Off

We all have those days. Up too late the night before. No desire to get out of bed. Responsibilities and chores take too much energy. And it's time to put your face in your hands. div.image_share ul…


Daily Cute: Corgi Surprised By Moving Rock

Turbo is minding his own business in the grass when a moving rock reveals itself to be...well, not a rock. div.image_share ul.care2_blog_sidebar { display: none; } Related Daily Cute: Elephant …


Daily Cute: Elephant Does Yoga

Talk about a lazy day. This elephant's stretching turns to a clumsy yet deliberate slide into the water. If only all yoga classes could end this way. Related Disturbing Number of Whale Strandi…


The Animal Kingdom’s Hardest Working Dads

As we're celebrating our own dads this Father's Day weekend, don't forget that there are plenty of patriarchs in the animal kingdom who deserve to be celebrated, too. Of course, there are some species…


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I make my own almond milk and I calculated exactly how much of mine is almond. I use 1 1/2 cups almo…

Maybe I'm older than everyone here, but, I have learned with the passing of time that a woman's most…

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