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What to Do If You Find a Stranded Sea Lion Pup

The number of sea lion strandings in California has reached a record high of 2,250 so far this year. That means that if you’re living or traveling along the state’s coastline, there’s a much greater c…


Working on Home Improvement Projects? 7 Pet Hazards to Look Out For

Spring is in the air and so are the scent of paint fumes and the buzz of power tools. Warmer weather encourages many home and apartment dwellers to spruce up their abodes with a little project or two.…


Dog Flu Outbreak in American Midwest: What Dog Owners Should Know

Dogs, like their human companions, can catch the flu, and when they do they suffer from uncomfortable upper respiratory symptoms and fevers. However, unlike human flu which is winding down for the sea…


Prepare Your Pet for a Tornado, Hurricane or Other Natural Disaster

When there's a hurricane, tornado, blizzard, forest fire or other natural disaster in the forecast, the last thing you want to do is scramble to collect your pet's things or search for an animal-frien…


The New Pet Gadget That Can Improve Your Dog’s Well Being

Yep, they’re here, and like Fitbit fitness monitors for people, these pooch monitors are designed to track the physical activity of your active or inactive dog. The new canine monitors will soon be as…


The Worst Pet Advice (Video)

The Internet is full of awful pet advice. Here, we humbly present — in the style of Jimmy Kimmel's Celebrities Read Mean Tweets — just a small sampling of actual bad advice found on the Web. If you…


30 Body Signals You Should Know from Your Dog

Dogs have a uniquely intricate sense of language. Unlike humans, that language is largely non-verbal and expressed through bodily movements. Thankfully, we can actually learn much of the language ours…


Myths About Rescuing Deaf Dogs

Sadly, there are thousands of deaf dogs born each year. Some simply grow deaf due to age, illness, trauma or adverse reactions to drugs. Many uninformed people still believe that such dogs are brain d…


Don’t Catch These Parasites From Your Pet

As the number of pets in the United States increases, so does the likelihood that both pets and pet owners will be exposed to parasites. Recent national surveys indicate that the prevalence of major p…


Is It OK to Kiss Your Dog?

It seems like everywhere you turn, celebrities can be seen giving their pooches some smooches. Hugh Jackman recently posted an Instagram of his French Bulldog, Dali, giving him kisses. Sophia Bush’…


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