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Fluffy Chow Puppy Swivels In Giant Mixing Bowl (Video)

When you imagine chow time, you probably imagine food in a bowl, not a funny pup. But, this is cuteness served right. Watch this fluffball swirl to his heart's content inside a giant mixing bowl. …


Daily Cute: Happy Boston Terrier Plays with Baby in Crib

In case you haven't noticed, the internet's secret recipe for cuteness is dog plus baby plus videotaping. It's that simple, and yes, it's that adorable. Watch this boxer bond with his happy baby fri…


Daily Cute: Kitten Sees Snow for the First Time

This kitten can help you see the world through fresh eyes. Watch her amazing and childlike reaction to something we take for granted: the beauty of a winter snowfall. Related Daily Cute: Kitten'…


Daily Cute: Kitten’s Friend Knows How to Wake Him Up

This kitten is pawed awake so gently and softly by his friend, until impatience sets in and the claws come out. Watch a gentle wake-up-call turn into hilarious bops on the head. Related The Trou…


Daily Cute: Dachshund Hockey is the Best New Sport

Snow days just got a lot cuter. Watch these two tiny pups join in on a competitive game of ice hockey -- a perfect game for the hunters and gatherers of the dog world. Related What to Know When …


Guinea Pig Loves Affectionate Pit Bull (Video)

Sharky the pitt bull is pretty famous for getting along with everyone. This time, he's giving this content guinea pig some kisses and attention, and it's too cute to miss! Related Guinea Pigs Co…


Fluffy Duckling’s Cute Routine (Video)

A duckling's checklist: Have I chased a human around the house? Check. Have I gone for a bath time swim? Check. Has my human helped me dry off with a salon-quality blow dryer? Check. Have I had nap …


Daily Cute: Pitbull Expresses, “You’re Not My Mom!”

// Post by Sookie and Ivy the Pit Mixes. The look says it all. This video is only seven seconds long, but the emotion packed inside it is worth a view (or two). If you have a dog, you've se…


A Cat’s Guide to Taking Care of Your Human (Video)

Cats know how to live. We do not. Lesson learned. Watch these cute cats teach us a little something about leading awesome lives. Related Why We Love Cats (Video) Top 10 Signs of Cancer in …


Daily Cute: Kitty Loves ‘Cat Bowling’

This cat loves playing the bowling ball game! She excitedly runs back for more, every time. Watch this hilarious game of "cat bowling." (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(…


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