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Adorable Tree Kangaroo Joeys Climb on Books & Eat Spaghetti

Anneli and Kimberley, two tree kangaroo joeys, love to explore their caretaker's house. After climbing on book cases, countertops and curtain rods, the little roos take a break to enjoy a spaghetti sn…


Japan’s Rabbit Island Is the Cutest Place on Earth

Okunoshima is a Japanese island with a circumference of about two and half miles and is home to a hotel, a camping ground and a golf course. There's also a small museum that stands as a reminder o…


8 Extraordinary Facts About Polar Bears For International Polar Bear Day

Picking a day to celebrate one cause or another has become a fun and popular trend -- and February 27th is now International Polar Bear Day! Polar Bears, without doubt, deserve an international spotli…


In Search of a Vanishing Lizard

Several years ago, Nature Conservancy vertebrate zoologist Mike Duran was concerned. In his seven years of conservation work, hed never once seen a spot-tailed earless lizard (Holbrookia lacerata). T…


10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Last Wild Horses On Earth

We think of horses as domesticated animals, and no wonder since we've been breeding them for millennia for everything from hunting and jumping to herding and ranch work to pulling plows and heavy cart…


5 of Canada’s Favorite Winter Birds

Winter can be a cold, bleak and depressing time of year, yet there is incredible beauty, if you know where to look. Birds that are usually hidden by dense foliage are revealed by the starkness of the …


8 Incredible Animal Migrations (Slideshow)

  For most of us, the biggest migration we make to fill our most basic needs is a trip to the grocery store. Animals, however, are willing to go the distance, sometimes crossing oceans and con…


Frozen Goose and Horse Rescued by Good Samaritans

The 2014 polar vortex has not only been making people miserable, but animals too. Fortunately, many heartwarming stories are emerging of people making the extra effort to lend a hand to those critters…


5 Places You Can’t Visit

  There are so many amazing places out there to explore. Stunning national parks, pristine beaches, historic cities. You can live 1,000 lifetimes and still not visit every interesting place in…


Extremely Cute Baby Napping With Puppy Pal (Video)

Well, this is the most adorable thing we've ever seen. If only every nap time involved a very kind and cuddly puppy. Related Puppy's Upside Down Nap (Video) Should My Pet Sleep in My Bed? Kitt…


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Ahhh, statistics! What they say AND don't tell: 18% women vs 82% men on suicide. Where are the sta…

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I've read these at various times but always fun to read again

I had to skim this after the first couple of paragraphs. The author is trying too hard to be cool a…