Vacuum Cleaners Made From Ocean Trash

The Swedish vacuum cleaner maker Electrolux launched a project to raise awareness about the tremendous amount of plastic garbage floating in our oceans. They dispatched employees to various oceans to collect the damaging plastic. Once it was gathered, they used it to construct the bodies of five different vacuum cleaners. The call their ocean plastic awareness campaign, Vacs from the Sea. Each vacuum cleaner contains plastic made from the various marine environments where it was gathered. The names are North Sea Edition, Indian Ocean Edition, Mediterranean Sea Edition, Pacific Ocean Edition, and Baltic Sea Edition.
five sea vacs

On their website, Electrolux says, “The environment is a concern and responsibility of everyone, and marine plastic pollution is an issue much too big to just leave to politicians. Electrolux is in the homes of millions and can help raise awareness and affect many consumers. Plastic is the main raw material when making a vacuum cleaner. From a sustainable business point of view, Electrolux relies on an increased global supply of recycled plastic.” (Source: Ocean plastic causes many marine animals to die when they mistake it for food and ingest it because it can’t be digested. Also, they can become entangled in it, or be suffocated by it.

Electrolux also posted updates on a blog titled, “Making a People’s Vac.” An August entry explains, “This weekend, on Saturday August 27th, we set off for Sandhamn, a small half-island in the Stockholm archipelago. The aim of the trip: encourage people that live close to the water and travel across it to collect pieces of plastic they come across when out at sea, and send the plastic to us.”

The Sea Vacs were a limited-edition version, but the company also makes a vacuum cleaner in normal quantities with 55 percent recycled plastic. They say within the EU there is cradle-to-grave system which ensures an old vacuum cleaner which requires disposal, is 93 percent recycled. They are planning to auction one of the Sea Vacs to raise money for further research.

Could they also make some giant marine vacs to suck up even more of the plastic?

Image Credits: Electrolux

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Past Member
Past Member about a year ago

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Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin5 years ago

Buying recycled products are, besides being enviromental friendly, aslo way cheaper than buying factorymade stuff. For instance, building material can be half price or less, computers and cellphones usually half price, etc. It's a very organized system with special recycling boxes all around the place. At malls, supermarkets, gas stations (they also take care of stuff like oil, paint, car batteries, etc), residential areas, and many other locations. There will be boxes for everything: colored glass, transparent glass, batteries, cardboard, newspapers, metal, plastic. More and more people also put their biodegradebles in compost containers. I so wish everyone would participate in a system like this all over the world and we would see less of trash everywhere and it would also mean that more people could afford to buy stuff that's been recycled instead of getting the newly produced. A win-win situation, becasue the manufacturers would also be able to use more recycled materials in their new products.

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin5 years ago

The European Union demands that all producers have a plan for the recycling of their products. Everything you buy can be recycled. There are companies that make a living out of recycling everything from plastic and batteries, to metal, newspapers, computers and other electronics such as cellphones, glass, tires, building materials, cars, road signs, asphalt, furniture, food, etc. You name it: There's at least one company around to take care of the waste! There are also plenty of stores where you can buy recycled products and also several where you can buy products made from recycled material. Some countries in the EU also have a system where you pay for the bottle or can when buying soda or beer and when you return the bottle or can you get the money back.

Klaus P.
Klaus Peters5 years ago

It is a step in the right direction, it should not be a limited edition only. All manufacturers should use a high percentage of recycled materials. But, like most people, I find it difficult to get rid of house hold appliences and electronic items and be assured it does not go into landfill.

Gavin Bledsoe
Gavin Bledsoe6 years ago

I knew that it was bad, but obviously it is getting worse! Sickening! Good for Electrolux to bring some more attention to this matter!

L. S.
Lori S.6 years ago

Do they have a plan on where to dump the vacuum after it breaks? Can you return it to Electrolux for a voucher to purchase another while they recycle it or will it end up in the ocean again?

Frances B.
Frances Bell6 years ago

why make them limited edition??? I'd buy one....

Svetlana V.
Svetlana Vagina6 years ago

Independent way of thinking!

Svetlana V.
Svetlana Vagina6 years ago

Very well idea!

Jane R.
Jane R.6 years ago

Great! I'm sure they would be able to market these if they were mass produces.