Poisonous Plants: Beware for Kids!

Did you know that if your adventurous toddler eats even just a few berries from the ornamental Daphne plant, it could kill her?

Or that rhubarb leaves are fatal?

Now that we’re planning and planting our gardens, you need to know the plants to avoid if you have young children. Find out what they are and keep your family safe, here:

Texas A&M University: Poisonous Plants
University of California Healthcare; Poisonous Plants

By the Care2 Staff


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Nicole Bergeron
Nicole Bergeron4 years ago

Teach your child. We learn not to eat the leaves of the rhubarb and just the stems. we also learned not to eat wild mushrooms since mother wasn't aware of which was poisonous and which wasn't. Teach your child not to eat wild plants as many edibles have poisonous look-a-likes, unless you know which is poisonous and which isn't, then teach them not to eat them without your say so..

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thanks, there are some so nice and good smelling ,b ut not less poisoning.

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Thank you Annie, for Sharing this!