Polar Bear Migration Delayed by Melting Ice

A team of conservationists is streaming live video of annual polar bear migrations to raise awareness of the bears’ vulnerability to climate change. The team says the migration is being delayed by arctic ice melt, but they say it is not too late for climate action to reverse this trend.


Warren Webber
Warren Webber1 years ago

Live long and prosper!

DORIS L.4 years ago

I feel so sorry for the polar bears.

Sarah Metcalf
Sarah M.4 years ago

so sad

Jennifer C.
Past Member 4 years ago

Thanks for the info.

Francisco Pires
Francisco Pires4 years ago

Let's making a safe home for polar bears!

Matt P.
Matt P.4 years ago

Let's reverse global warming!

Latonya W.
Latonya W.4 years ago

Lets get it together people we still got time PLEASE!! we have to all do our part.........

Sonia Fey
Sonia Fey4 years ago

we are destroying everything...........:((((

Marianna B M.

man caused it all. poor bears...

Carole R.
Carole R.4 years ago

Oh dear, these poor animals. Humans are ruining this planet. So sad.