Police Train to Not Shoot Animals

Oakland police will receive free training on dog behavior, local wildlife awareness and alternatives to shooting animals. In 2009 Oakland police shot eight dogs. In a nearby county, only one dog has been shot by local police in seven years. A local branch of the SPCA is providing the training due to a number of animals being shot by police in dubious circumstances.

In May, Oakland police shot a young deer, and killed it, though the deer was not aggressive, nor diseased. It simply had wandered into a residential neighborhood and become lost, and was hiding in someone’s backyard. Children and adults had gathered around the area to see the deer. Police officers shot the harmless animal between six and seven times.

Recently the Oakland police responded to a home burglar alarm, and were greeted by an eleven-year-old yellow lab that was barking. They shot and killed the family pet, saying the dog was threatening. It was revealed after the shooting that the dog was arthritic and had hip dysplasia, two conditions which would compromise any dog’s ability to be much of a threat. The lab had been with the family since it was a puppy. The shooting took place in broad daylight at about noon. The family was not at home when the incident occurred and returned to find a blue note on the door of their home, which said a lab had advanced on officers in a threatening manner so they killed it.

Mary Kate Hallock, the dog’s owner said, “I was incredulous. Gloria’s never bit anyone. She’s just a gentle old dog, a classic Lab, always wagging her tail.” She also explained, “The kids were crying. We all sat around with her, put our hands on her, told stories about her.” (Source: SFgate.com)

Training about how to better handle these types of animal situations will be provided for all 679 of the Oakland police officers. “The goal is to give officers new skills and show them what a crucial role animals play in this community….We need to make sure animals are treated humanely, and show that animals are important to the Oakland Police Department,” said Oakland’s animal control director, Megan Webb. (Source: SFgate.com)

Police will learn how to use non-lethal force such as pepper spray, batons, and long poles with collars to deal with aggressive dogs. They will also learn about domestic and wild animal behavior in order to deal with them in a more humane way.

Image Credit: Habj

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d b.
wiz w.2 years ago

it about time police stop being murders

Dwinna Barker
Dwinna Barker3 years ago

My sentiments exactly, Teri! In fact, a young cop even had plenty of time to think but that was evidently beyond his ability when he shot at a family dog 5 times with the owner screaming that his dog would never bite and has never bit anyone!!! All this idiot cop needed to do, if he felt threatened, was to just get back in his car which he had not even walked away from!!! He hit three kids standing there seeing their beloved pet shot with bullet fragments!!!! Is this what you want on the streets to protect anyone???? The dog was in ICU fighting for his life and the kids were, of course, sent to the hospital the last I knew and then, of course, no more news on that! As far as I know this Fort Worth cop is still out there on the streets!!!! There is never any accountability for their crimes!!! The absolute worst they can ever expect is to lose their job and that almost never happens. Anyone else would be behind bars!

Teri H.
Teri Hertler3 years ago

Sometimes A Trained Police Officer REACTS, without THINKING! NOW HOW SAFE DOES THAT make YOU FEEL? What if a kid lunged out, your kid??? STOP THE KILLING OF INNOCENT ANIMALS! BRUTALITY IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! ANYWHERE! Killing an innocent deer, or a family Pet, I"d wanna be packin' to do the same to THEM killers! MORE EDUCATION!!! LESS violence.............hmmmm there's a thought

Dwinna Barker
Dwinna Barker3 years ago

Unfortunately, I've heard too many cops say that killing family pets is "unwritten policy" like a lot of other things we wouldn't approve of. I'm sure it doesn't include innocent and non threatening dogs but they aren't going to do anything to the monsters who kill them either because then what they have allowed and encouraged might become public. I do not believe they are giving these cops training. Not serious training. I think this was just a PR stunt to get everyone off their backs. None of these cops are ever held accountable. Not even the jerks who raided the mayor's house up in Maryland, a wrong address, and chased his two dogs down who were scared to death and running away and shot and killed them both inside their own house as well as terrorizing the mayor's mother-in-law and the mayor himself!

Kathleen S.
Kathy S.3 years ago

A police officer with a pet of his own might be a little more caring. The training is a good idea. This training should include wild animals too.

Borg Drone
Past Member 4 years ago

its about time, these cops are far too trigger happy.

Harshiita Sharma
Harshita Sharma4 years ago

Good news!

Aimee A.
Aimee A.4 years ago

Long overdue! Thanks for posting!

Brenda Towers
Brenda Towers4 years ago

Violence breeds more violence. The U.S. is out of control where guns are concerned,

Brenda Towers
Brenda Towers4 years ago

About time too. America is gun crazy!