Poodle’s Scary Bath Sends a Lesson to All Pet Owners

Poor little poodle.

Selene Ortega, 12, was giving her dog, Morita, a bath when the poodle’s paw became lodged in the tub drain, reports local Albuquerque news site krqe.com. The dog screamed, and the Albuquerque, N.M. family searched for help.

Their vet said call the plumber; the plumber said call housing; and housing said call 911.

Finally, firefighters arrived and cut out the part of the tub attached to the poodle. The family’s vet finally removed the dog’s paw from the drain.

Morita escaped with only a swollen paw – no broken bones —  and the family is now trying to get their tub replaced.

Lesson: Always use drain covers when giving a pet a bath.

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Image credit: Screenshot from Krqe.com report

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Jayasri Amma
Jayasri Ammaabout a year ago

Thank you!

Fi T.
Fi T.about a year ago

Learning is always exciting

Angela Padovani
Angie P.about a year ago

Scary. Poor dog. Glad everything worked out OK and the dog was safe.

Julia Oleynik
Julia Oleynikabout a year ago

Adorable) Thanks for sharing :)

Stella Gambardella
Stella G.about a year ago

Contenta per la fine della storia al meglio per il barboncino ma.....un po' di attenzione e si poteva evitare l'accaduto.

Charmaine C.
Charmaine C.about a year ago

Thank you.

Alexandra G.
Alexandra G.about a year ago

thanks for this story

Panchali Yapa
Panchali Yapaabout a year ago

Thank you

Jane R.
Jane R.about a year ago

I don't see how this could happen If you take the dog out of the tub before you drain the water. As far as I know a tub has a drain that prevents anything from going inside of it other than water or hair.. I really can't fathom this could have happened. It doesn't make any sense to me.

Sarah Addis
Sarah Addisabout a year ago

Must 've been awful for the young girl as well as the poodle ... so glad Morita's ok.