Portion Control 101 (video)

The secret to weight loss is not just what we eat but the size of our servings. Restaurant servings have grown greatly in the last fifty years; plates are 4-6 larger. A bagel is now equal to 5 slices of bread. This video shows you how to control your intake by controlling your servings. For a start, use plates that are no bigger than 7 and bowls that are no bigger than 6 across.

Photo credit: Arvind Grover

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Danuta Watola
Danuta Watola2 years ago

thanks for sharing

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen2 years ago

Thank you :)

Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

Bon L.
Bon L.4 years ago

Thanks for the info.

Isabel Robson
Isabel Robson5 years ago

Very informative and helpful. Thank you for sharing

Christine S.

It IS hard to figure out the right portion to eat, when restaurants serve huge platters of foods and call it one meal, and muffins are the size of softballs! It all comes down to stop eating before you feel full- or else you have already eaten more than you really need...

Megan S.
Megan S.5 years ago

I feel like I over-stuff myself more than I should...but usually it's from fruit (my binge food), veggies (so much food fo so little cals..), or nut butters.
Plus, I drink at least 3 C of water with each meal, so that makes it soo much worse!

I just need to stop when my body says I should, and ignore that "Oh, something crunchy/salty/sweet/etc. would be good right now"

Ashley Jager
Ashley Jager5 years ago

Thank you great tips

Borg Drone
Borg Drone5 years ago

Good Article. Thanks !!

Petra Luna
Petra Luna5 years ago

And if you eat the right foods, you can eat MORE, and still lose weight.