Preceding and Proceeding with Kindness (video)

Preceding what we do with intentional kindness nourishes the heart. I’d like to share a video from the series  “Insightful Heart™” from the Institute of HeartMath (IHM) called “Preceding with Kindness,” which is designed to encourage us to pause, reflect and connect with our heart before we act.

I hope the video’s simple and uplifting message will touch your heart and add inspiration to your day. Take a moment to ponder its meaning. Consciously reconnect with the feeling shared, and make it part of who you are.

Take a minute to watch the video (it’s 60 seconds long).

Note: Why did I choose to use “preceding” instead of “proceeding” in the title of this kindness video? It’s because my message in the video is saying to precede everything you do with kindness. A definition for preceding is: coming before, coming, going, existing or happening immediately before somebody or something else. Precede a conversation by bringing kindness into your focus. Make genuine effort to “precede with kindness” in each moment of your day.

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Donna Ferguson
Donna F.2 years ago


heather g.
heather g.2 years ago

When you precede with kindness, you are bound to be met with it in return in the majority of cases.

Annelies Haussler
Liessi Haussler2 years ago

It's not hard to be nice but it does sometimes take effort, and more importantly, presence of mind. Today, I will try to be purposely nice.

Charlene Rush
Charlene Rush2 years ago

If you make a plan, to do something kind for at least one person every day, you must feel a sense of happiness.
It need not be an enormous thing, but a very small thing, to show someone that they are thought about in a caring way.

Lynn C.
Lynn C.2 years ago


Riley Anderson
Past Member 2 years ago


Deborah W.
Deborah W.2 years ago

We all have something we can contribute to breathe life into our heartless dying population. For example, everyone smiles in the same language ... costs nothing, sets a positive tone ... maybe just what's needed by another someone at that moment. Worth a try ...

Robert O.
Robert O.2 years ago

True. Thank you Sara.

Sue H.
Sue H.2 years ago

Thanks for the share.

Carole R.
Carole R.2 years ago