Pregnant? Avoid These Toxic Products

Congrats on your pregnancy! Some time in these 40 weeks (give or take) you may find yourself in dire need of pampering. We get it. But do a little research before you fix your hair or even book a massage. More than 287 toxic chemicals have been found in newborn cord blood, and guess how they got there? Many of these chemicals are infused in personal care products—things we use every single day!—and they have the capacity to harm you and your growing baby. Read on for easy steps to avoid lead, a potent neurotoxin, hormone disruptors and more in everything from lipstick to shampoo. Doing so can lessen your chemical load and safeguard your baby as she develops.


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Sorry, can't get pregnent, or so i've been told !! lol!!!

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Janice Thompson2 years ago

Pregnant or not, avoid toxins...

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Very informative.

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Not just for pregnant women!

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