Pregnant? Trying To Get Pregnant? Get A Blood Lead Test!

Oh the many steps to take to safeguard your growing baby while pregnant! While most of us consider factors like eating well and getting enough sleep, far too often critical environmental factors are overlooked. There’s much to consider in this realm—far beyond mercury in your tuna fish sandwich.

One critical issue to tackle is lead. Lead, a known and potent neurotoxin, can be found pretty much anywhere—from school to work to home, in paint, in pipes, and in ceramics. The health effects on adults are well documented—from kidney to liver disease. For babies, it’s a lot worse. When you’re pregnant, lead can also affect the developing bump inside you. If you’re still in the trying-to-conceive phase, get a blood lead test to know where you stand. If you’re already pregnant, it’s still a good idea to get the test done, and to identify any hazards that might be in your home environment.

For more information on checking lead levels during pregnancy, watch this Kids in the House video of Tamara Rubin, executive director and founder of the Lead Safe American Foundation. In today’s increasingly toxic world, taking care of two can be a real challenge. For even more information on lead and other environmental health issues when pregnant, download Healthy Child Healthy World’s free new e-book, Easy Steps to a Safer Pregnancy.



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all these suggestions just mean the woman must be 1000 percent sure that she will bear her child

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@.@ You wouldn't believe how many tubes of blood they took from her.

Ashley heffner
Ashley heffner2 years ago

I had a friend who was pregnant and went with her to her doctor visits.

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good reminder

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Knowledge that should be made more public, especially to the younger folks.

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It's good to have a thorough check up before deciding to get pregnant to check for any potential problems. An ounce of prevention ....

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thank you

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Interesting article. In the UK luckily we have had lead removed from our paints.