Prevent Breast Cancer by Any Greens Necessary

Recently a study of 50,000 African-American women was published, a sadly neglected demographic when it comes to nutritional science and, in fact, medical research generally. Certain African populations were among the healthiest on earth, inspiring one of America’s lifestyle medicine pioneers Nathan Pritikin (see my 2-min. video Engineering a Cure). Sadly, African-Americans currently suffer disproportionately from chronic diseases. The good news is that many of the diseases—such as high blood pressure and diabetes—can be prevented, stopped, and even reversed with a healthy plant-based diet.

The Black Women’s Health Study investigated fruit and vegetable intake in relation to risk of breast cancer. Those who listened to mom and ate their veggies had a significantly lower risk of the most difficult type of breast cancer to treat (estrogen-receptor negative). Were any plants found particularly protective?

Which was associated with lowest breast cancer risk in African-American women? Apples, bananas, broccoli, cabbage, cantaloupe, carrots, collard greens, grapefruit, oranges, spinach, tomatoes, or sweet potatoes? Click on the 3-min. video pick above to find out the answer.

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Let's go green for what we eat

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Thank you, good information.

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I love my veggies and always have carrots. For the first time, last year I planted collard greens and found, unlike most plants/veggies, they are perfectly suited to the BC climate.
Wish I could enjoy them all year round...

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Thank you - excellent info :-)

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Good to know, but always make sure you clean these vegetables well because you can get sick. What I like about a lot of greens is you can eat many of them cooked or non-cooked so that means there is always a way to get them into the daily diet.

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Thx , very interesting for me:))