Psychic Reactions From House Plants?

What mind boggling information can a lie detector and interrogation expert tell you about caring for your house plants? A lot, it turns out. He found that plants can read your mind, for one thing: They know your intentions for them, both good and bad. And they react to you emotionally. They might even love you!

Learn more about your house plants from this unlikely source: a scientist whose job was to teach policemen how to use polygraph equipment.

Cleve Backster, the scientist working with the police, decided one day to attach the electrodes of a lie detector to the leaf of a dracaena plant to see if the device was sensitive enough to pick up reactions from a nonhuman subject. After the device was attached to the leaf he thought maybe the reaction would be stronger if he burned the leaf. As soon as he had this thought there was a dramatic peak in the polygraph chart, a trace signature that Backster recognized as fear.

Intrigued, Backster continued his research and the results were always the same: The plants always reacted to his intention before any action was taken. Backster concluded that not only are plants as sensitive as human beings, but they are able to read emotions and intentions, because there is a form of psychic connection, or affinity, between plants and people.

Backster’s other results show that plants have memory, emotions, and very humanlike reactions, as well as psychic abilities. In other experiments, Backster demonstrated the love or empathy between a plant and its owner. One day he accidentally cut his finger and noticed that a plant being monitored was demonstrating a stress reaction of its own, as if it was experiencing Backster’s pain and shock at the sight of his blood.

Using this perceived affinity for the basis for his experiment, Backster walked to a different building some blocks away and directed loving thoughts toward the plant. The polygraph recording showed a heightened trace as the plant picked up his intentions.

Adapted from Plant Spirit Shamanism by Ross Heaven and Howard G. Charing (Inner Traditions, 2006). Copyright (c) 2006 by Heaven and Charing. Reprinted by permission of Inner Traditions.
Adapted from Plant Spirit Shamanism by Ross Heaven and Howard G. Charing (Inner Traditions, 2006).


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Emir Hoca
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Medyumlar hakkında yorumlar

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Thank you.

Bonnie M.
Bonnie M.3 years ago

Very good to know. I believe that plants do react to human emotions. I bought this dying plant years ago, nursed it.I felt so sorry for it , I had to take it home. Five years later, it grew so tall almost reached the ceilng- some call it fortune plant. I've already cut the top a few times and gave them to friends. I tell friends that if they feel down or stressed, just to place their hands over a plant,palms down and express their angst. Remember to say thank you!

Beverly Morgan
Beverly F.3 years ago

Music supposedly helps plants grow and they are a living thing, so why not?

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Dot A.
Dot A.3 years ago

Oh Yeah!!! totally get jazzed with this one,... [probably insects, rocks, and air currents will someday get their posts here with a similar kind of relevance]

i like to write,
and about 40 years ago - i wrote a short story about someone left behind without any way of getting water, and desperately praying (thinking with passion) about a rescue from near death,..

well, as you've already pieced together, - the someone was a neglected houseplant, so very hopeful that they would be saved in time~

happy ending, was that the door opened downstairs, the vacationers came stomping up to the second floor and - Yes! a quick rush to the bathroom sink and get a glass of water to give the plant - & saved the day!!!

there was a lot more detail in the original story, but, you get the idea, - the plant had 'feelings' and even a hope, that the people who cared for it, would connect with them in time to live life to its fullest

that's the way it's supposed to be,...

we're suppose to 'care for one another'
[rocks and dirt, the air and the precious water, etc and all]