Puppy Recovering After Being Thrown From Car

A three-month-old pit bull is nursing injuries after being thrown from a car on New York’s Long Island. The prognosis for Joey appears good.

Puppy Recovering After Being Thrown From Car 

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Tricia Hamilton
Tricia Hamilton4 years ago

Send this white trash to jail please!!

Judie B.
Judie B4 years ago

This story came out eight months ago. Can we get an update on how this precious puppy is doing?

Genesis Merano
Genesis Merano4 years ago

Sub-humans as he should be called, this person who threw away this pup. As incomprehensible as it is, his emotions and his conscience no longer exist. No worst than a horrific criminal act against other humans, there is increasingly an urgent need for governments around the world to equate the punishment of people who are abusive towards animals with harsher punishment ranging from life sentence to death penalty. As the old adage says, any person capable of harming a pure innocent creature will not hesitate to inflict harm and danger to another human being. To the people who are taking care of this little angel, thank you for bringing hope and love to him. Thank you for taking him into your arms and letting him know that he's now safe and sound.

Marie Machado
Marie machado4 years ago

omg , i live in long island..this poor baby didnt deserve this. the piece of crap who did this should be killed because he or she has no conscience or heart they arent human in my book. they need to be found because they can do it again..my heart aches for abused animals .i hope this puppy gets the family he deserves.someone who will treat him like royalty.

David V.
David V4 years ago

I would love to get a hold of the people who did this and tie them to the back of my car & drive for a few miles.....

Christopher Fowler

First of all, we need to remember that animal abuse is a gateway behavior to both child abuse and serial killing.

The person who did this to this adorable little pup need to be found and put in jail.

Laura Saxon
.4 years ago

People should never thrown animals out of anything! They should treat their animals with respect and love instead of being mean and throwing them around and hurting them.

darla h.
darla h4 years ago

I see how many people are capable of being so...uncaring ,some who are just plain born into being mean and uncaring,waiting for their first killing,makes me SICK.I find myself asking,how can this person be considered human being,because to me ,this kind of being is the true animal ,that so many people think are undeserving to be loved or treated well.To me these humans are defects that may or may not be capable of caring and giving them a taste of own medicine probably can't reach their heart strings.Well now pup can go to someone who has a heart and keep it happy and safe till its end. I had a dog that people was going to take out and shoot,couldn't afford vet,she was ten and spine breaking down.Took to vet and with help from a friend made cart for her,couldn't afford real cart.She lived close to a year,a very happy go lucky girl.When it was her time to take last trip to vets I knew.Where there is a will,there is a way.This person had better options than throwing this pup away like trash!I hope law starts hurting these people where it REALLY HURTS!!!!

Cheryl F.
Cheryl F4 years ago

There's got to be a special place in hell for people who abuse animals.

katarzyna phillips

i never understand how ANYBODY could do such a horrible thing! if you don't want the dog, then don't get it in the first place! or take it to a shelter or give it away to someone who does want it!