Newborn Rare Ligers Crossbreed Unveiled (video)

A female Bengal tigress gave birth to cubs known as ligers. The dad is a male African lion named Simba. The three liger cubs were born in Taiwan on Sunday at the World Snake King Education Farm in Tainan County in the south. Two of the cubs survived and are being hand reared by zoo staff after their mom rejected them.

According to the Taipei-based Apple Daily, there are only around 10 surviving ligers in the world, with adult ligers capable of growing much larger than average lions.

Animal rights groups have criticized the zoo’s owner Huang Kuo-nan for the illegal crossbreeding, and he faces a fine for breeding wildlife without prior approval.

He insists it was unintentional. “The pregnancy of the tigress caught me totally unprepared,” Huang said. “The lion and the tigress have been kept in the same cage since they were cubs more than six years ago, and nothing happened.”

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LMj Sunshine


LMj Sunshine


LMj Sunshine


Nimue Pendragon
Nimue Pendragon3 years ago

Male lion,/female tiger mating should not be encouraged. I hope they survive.

Sandi C.
Sandi C.3 years ago

cute anyway, hope they make it!

aj M.
aj E.3 years ago


Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M.4 years ago

These two very different lions, African and Bengalese should not have been in the same cage.
I do not like the crossbreeding. If it were to happen in the wild, that is different. Well the little ligers are sure cute as in photo (video not available - private?). Thanks for sharing Chris.

Camilla Vaga
Camilla Vaga4 years ago


Sharon H.
Sharon H.4 years ago

if the video is private and we can't see it why do you put it on the internet.

Diane G.
Diane G.4 years ago

Where's the video?